How an enrollment coach can help you

Student having a video call with their enrollment coach from home

Meet Zach Benson, an enrollment coach for UW–Madison Online.

Benson graduated from UW–Madison in 2017 and spent some time working in the nonprofit world and in politics. Now he’s back at UW doing what he loves: helping students navigate higher education and pursue their goals

“The theme of my career has been eliminating barriers to access and opportunity, which is why I’m an enrollment coach,” says Benson. “I love to help people understand the higher ed landscape and find the path that works best for them.”

Higher education is not one size fits all and choosing a school or program can be a confusing process. As an enrollment coach, Benson’s job is to help you navigate the application process and provide you with the information you need to make the right choice for you.

An enrollment coach can help with:  

“When you’re looking at UW–Madison Online, an enrollment coach can help you understand whether or not the time to completion, curriculum and career resources are in line with your goals,” says Benson.

Headshot of Zach Benson, a UW–Madison Online enrollment coach, smiling
Zach Benson, a UW–Madison Online enrollment coach

Going back to school is a big decision, especially if you’re a returning adult student with other personal and professional responsibilities. Our enrollment coaches can help give you personalized advice on how you can prepare to manage school alongside your personal life.

“UW–Madison Online degrees are a great option for people looking for the prestige of a UW–Madison degree, with the flexibility of being able to choose your own course load, work from anywhere in the world, and let life happen,” says Benson.

Talking to an enrollment coach can help you understand what your options are, create a strong application, and plan a successful start to your new path. At UW–Madison Online, all our enrollment coaches are real people who work for UW–Madison, like Zach.

Ready to connect? Visit our website to meet all of our enrollment coaches, reach out to Zach, or learn more about UW–Madison Online.

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