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I’m a transfer student

I attended some college/university after high school and now want to enroll in an undergrad degree completion program at UW–Madison Online. I have at least 12 credits to transfer.

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I’m a returning student

I attended UW–Madison as an undergrad, but didn’t finish my degree. I haven’t been enrolled in classes in more than a semester.

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I’m a new undergrad

I have not been enrolled in any college/university yet, nor do I have 12 or more college credits to transfer. I would like to attend UW–Madison on campus, in-person.

Great! Now, applying to UW-Madison Online is easy as...


Determine your eligibility as a transfer, reentry or readmit student (Freshman are ineligible).


Connect with an enrollment coach to map out your unique path forward.


Fill out the Common Application and stay in touch while you await your enrollment.

It's not just a degree, it's a community.

That’s right. When you attend UW–Madison Online, you’re among friends, peers and a network of Badgers all over the world. The stories below highlight some of the programs, personalities and people that make it all happen here. Get to know your community, even before you log on your first day of class.