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Technology requirements

As a UW–Madison Online student, you’ll need ongoing access to technology and connectivity to the Internet. In addition to accessing your online coursework, you’ll also complete other university activities virtually, such as registering for courses, scheduling a meeting with your advisor, or accessing technical support.

While your online coursework is accessible from nearly any device, from a smartphone to a desktop computer, students should purchase or lease a computer meeting the minimum technology requirements. Some schools and colleges offer technology recommendations to ensure your computer has the minimum specifications necessary to run certain software applications. Familiarize yourself with these requirements before purchasing equipment.

As an online student, it is also highly recommended you have:

  • High-speed connection to the internet
  • Speakers and headset or a microphone
  • Webcam (required for some courses; check with your academic & career coach if you are unsure)

Cost of meeting these requirements should be included in your financial aid considerations. As a UW–Madison Online student, you also have access to free and/or discounted technology and software. Be sure to review these options before making any purchases.

Learn more about technical support options.