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Meet your enrollment coaches

Our friendly, knowledgeable enrollment coaches are here for you. Contact an enrollment coach to:

  • Discuss financial aid options
  • Get help with your application
  • Find out more about credit transfers
  • Learn how this program can fit into your life
  • Get tips on writing your application essay

If you are undecided about which online undergraduate program is best for you, email uwmadison@online.wisc.edu.

Manuel Avila

My future career plan is to become an executive in the corporate treasury realm. Completing my online degree provides the support I need to pursue this endeavor.

— Manny Avila, Business Administration–Management BBA, 2024

Enrollment coaches

Emma Lee Davis

Position title: Enrollment Coach

Email: emmalee.davis@wisc.edu

Phone: Call me at 608-469-2010
Text me at 608-200-3178
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As a first-generation college student, a transfer student and someone who has switched academic and career paths multiple times, I know the challenge of navigating the complex world or higher education. My primary goal is to help you find the career and educational path that will fit your passions and priorities — and then to make that path as smooth as it can be. Let’s take those first steps together!

Contact me if you’re interested in:

UW–Madison Online
  • All online undergraduate degrees
Professional Degrees & Certificates
  • Actuarial Science Capstone Certificate
  • Biomedical Engineering: Accelerated MS
  • Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship MS
  • Clinical Nutrition Capstone Certificate
  • Clinical Nutrition MS
  • Psychology: Data Science in Human Behavior MS
  • Computer Sciences Capstone Certificate
  • Computer Sciences: Professional Program MS

Anna Denucci

Position title: Enrollment Coach and Director of the Student Call Center

Email: anna.denucci@wisc.edu

Phone: Call or WhatsApp me at 608-590-5872
Text me at 608-200-3231
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Education has always meant a lot to myself and my family. It can elevate your ways of thinking, your professional skills, your experiences and so much more. However, it is also a huge decision to make that is influenced by a lot of different factors. It is my goal to help you navigate higher education while keeping these factors in mind and supporting you in making the decisions that best align with your educational and professional journey. I look forward to connecting with you to ensure you have the context and information you need to succeed!

Contact me if you’re interested in:

UW–Madison Online
  • All online undergraduate degrees
Professional Degrees & Certificates
  • Applied Drug Development Capstone Certificate
  • Design + Innovation MS
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences: Applied Drug Development MS
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences: Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation Capstone Certificate
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences: Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation MS

Pat Walsh

Position title: Associate Director of Recruitment Strategies

Email: pat.walsh@wisc.edu

Phone: Call me at 608-327-9789
Text me at 608-200-3143
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I enjoy talking with prospective students and helping them navigate the journey to a new degree or certification. Most people, no matter what program interests them, share many of the same concerns. My favorite part of my work is hearing about a prospective student’s dream of getting the promotion, changing careers or advancing their expertise. We’re here to answer whatever questions you have about UW–Madison and to welcome you into the Badger family.

Contact me if you’re interested in:

Professional Degrees & Certificates
  • All degrees and certificates
  • Applied Engineering Management Capstone Certificate
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering: Environmental Engineering MEng
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Professional MS
  • Educational Psychology: Learning Analytics MS
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Professional MS
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Machine Learning & Signal Processing MS
  • Engineering Management MS
  • Engineering Mechanics: Aerospace MS
  • Industrial Engineering: Human Factors and Health Systems MS
  • Industrial Engineering: Systems Engineering and Analytics MS
  • Information MS
  • Library & Information Studies MA
  • Materials Science + Engineering: Materials Engineering MS
  • Mechanical Engineering: Modeling and Simulation in Mechanical Engineering MS
  • Mechanical Engineering: Accelerated MS
  • User Experience Design Capstone Certificate

Sara Kluender

Position title: Director of Recruitment Strategy

Email: sara.kluender@wisc.edu

Phone: Call me at 608-640-7358
Text me at 608-200-2816

Picking a school and a program is a big decision, and it’s important you have all the information you need. Whether you have always dreamed of being a Badger or are not yet sure if the University of Wisconsin–Madison is the right fit for you, I want to help answer your questions. I love hearing where you want to go and helping you to develop a plan to get there.

Contact me if you’re interested in:

UW–Madison Online
  • All online undergraduate degrees
Professional Degrees & Certificates
  • All degrees & certificates

One of our enrollment coaches, Zachary Benson, shares his take on how he and his team meet prospective students on their path to UW-Madison.

These are just a few of the areas where your enrollment coach can help and advise. They are here to help you navigate the application process. Reach out to them today.