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Financial aid

UW–Madison Online students are eligible to be considered for an array of federal, state and institutional financial aid by submitting the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Financial aid is administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid, and they have a variety of resources on their website to help you through the process of applying for and receiving financial aid.

Some topics to explore include:

An important factor in your financial aid determinations is the cost of attendance (COA). Cost of attendance is an ESTIMATE of the expenses you might encounter while enrolled in UW–Madison Online programs. The Office of Student Financial Aid bases your aid on this estimate.

Your financial aid offer letter will assume you are a full-time student for the year. If you will be taking fewer than 12 credits, complete the Credit Level Evaluation e-form in your Student Center. We’ll adjust your financial aid accordingly and email you a revised aid offer.

Your financial aid eligibility may vary depending on if you are applying as a UW–Madison Online student or as a residential (on-campus) transfer student. If you are deciding between an online and a residential program, connect with an enrollment coach who can help you talk through your options.