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Being a Badger means something

You’re ready to rise to the challenge of getting your bachelor’s degree. You deserve it—and MORE.

Earning your degree with UW–Madison Online is more than getting a piece of paper to hang on your wall. It is more than checking off a box on your career to-do list. It’s about fulfilling a purpose.

We help you focus and fuel your passion by providing an unparalleled undergraduate experience and access to an influential world-wide alumni network that will benefit you throughout your career and for the rest of your life.

Top Public Schools in the U.S.
—U.S. News & World Report, 2022

When you become a BADGER, you join a community with common core values.

You have passion.

You have strong feelings and beliefs that guide your actions. You want more for yourself, your family, and your community. We thrive on you yearning to be more and live up to your potential.

You have a purpose.

You’re determined to stay focused on getting a degree, even with all of the outside forces fighting for your attention. We understand your resolve, and we have a place for you to strengthen it.

You don’t give up.

Don’t mess with a Badger on a mission. We don’t give up. Neither do you. Stay with us and together, we will persist and get you to your goal, no matter the obstacles.