4 smart study tools for online students

man studying

Pursuing your degree online may not be exactly like the traditional college experience, so why resort to traditional study methods? There are many tried and true ways of succeeding in the classroom for any type of learner, whether you’re studying with UWMadison Online or elsewhere. What follows are some online learning tools for online students.

Get organized with an academic planner

Although it may seem elementary, writing down the due dates of all your assignments and exams will keep you on top of your work and make your courses feel more manageable. You can purchase a paper notebook planner or download apps such as Evernote or myHomework. With an app, you can get important reminders sent to your phone, including upcoming due dates or exams.

Watch online videos that visualize class topics

Many tutoring companies or other credible education sources, such as Khan Academy or CrashCourse, post videos to YouTube that show you step-by-step explanations of concepts you may be struggling with. Developing a full understanding of current topics will set you up for success when learning new ones. This type of visualization can also help you recall information during an exam.

Use study websites

It can be challenging to stay engaged when studying, so try out websites that offer different ways to remember content. There are online flashcard resources, like Quizlet or Brainscape, that offer online learning tools for online students and new modes of studying the same set of terms through games and practice tests. These sites help you stay motivated while studying for long periods of time, and can even help you memorize the material more thoroughly.

Listen to podcasts

Put the concepts you’re learning into practice while listening to professionals discuss certain topics. Podcasts can help you get familiar with vocabulary and how it’s used in context and help you make real-world connections to the curriculum. There are many podcasts to peruse, ranging from broad concepts to niche topics. All you have to do is dig into your podcast app of choice. It’s a great way to study while on the go, whether in the car, at the gym or while making dinner.

The smallest adjustments to your study habits can make a big difference in your education. Using even just one online learning tool can put you in a great position to succeed. Remember, not every learning method suits everyone, so get to know how you learn best as you try new things.

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